Skiing in the Bitterly Cold Weather

For the Stowe Mountain Lodge it really is the best time of year.
STOWE, Vt. - For the Stowe Mountain Lodge it really is the best time of year.

"This is the busiest time of year for the lodge, we've been very fortunate for another amazing year," Michael Broderick, Director of Sales and Marketing, said.

And part of that success comes courtesy of early season snow that continues this week.

"You can literally feel it in the air, not just with the guests, but with our colleagues, when a snowstorm's coming or its snowing. It's really sort of a magical feeling up here at the mountain."

While northern ski areas like Stowe will miss the brunt of this storm, it certainly isn't missing the bitter cold blast.

Despite the cold, most skiers are taking it in stride and instead are just bundling up to protect themselves from frost bite.Those layers are key. Frost bite can develop on exposed skin in a matter of minutes at these temperatures.

"it's really important, proper base layer and proper layers," Broderick said. "If you dress approrpriate even when its very cold you can be comfortable."

A visitor from Puerto Rico needed a more than just a few layers during his inaugural visit to Vermont.

The Stowe Mountain lodge says the slopes are a little less busy during major cold outbreaks. Some people opt to relax inside, but that often makes the conditions even better for the brave skiiers who head out.

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