Snow Hits, Yet Low Impacts

The first widespread accumulating snow, although very light, has blanketed our area. Fortunately impacts were relatively low.
From Meteorologist Steve Glazier:

It was back to the daily grind Tuesday on a shortened week for some, but for all it was a return to Winter. Patchy black ice formed on area roadways and surfaces Monday night following drastically falling temperatures and previous rain and snow showers.

Fortunately there were minimal accidents according to Vermont State Police. In a morning interview between Jenny Day and Sgt. Garry Scott of VSP, Sgt. Scott reported between five and seven motor vehicle accidents as of 6:30 a.m. Tuesday. VT AOT reported 100-200 trucks, laid out across the state, applying salt to the state roads. VTrans' highest concentration was paid to northeast VT & NH and bridges/overpasses.

A strong cold front moved through Monday night, strong in terms of the temperature swing behind the boundary. Temperatures fell five to ten degrees in just an hour late Monday, causing wet surfaces to quickly become icy. Snow accumulations were minimal, ranging from a spotty coating to two inches, highest in the northern hillier terrain.

This cold blast of arctic air will stay with us until Wednesday night, whereas temperatures Thursday morning will sink to 15-25 degrees. However a quickly-moderating air mass will transition to 40s on thermometers Thursday afternoon. High pressure will keep the Northeast and New England dry from any major storms through Sunday.

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