Time to Meet the "CAL-MUNGO"

Meteorologist Steve Glazier takes on his biggest challenge yet! The Cal-Mungo!!

WILLISTON Vt. -Steve embarked on his toughest eating challenge yet at Ramunto's in Williston Vermont.
People usually order this calzone to share, but Steve tried to take it on all by himself.
The Italian restaurant has offered this eating challenge since 2011. Jeff Paul one of the owners says, "
You're brilliant with the weather but I will say that the Cal-Mungo is a challenge and as you see here on the wall of shame and the wall of fame, you're up against something."
If you don't complete this callenge your photo will end up on the wall 
of shame. It is filled with 126 people and the number continues to rise.
Just three people have finished this challenge since it was originated.

Paul says that the calzone weighs about five pounds.
You get 45 minutes to eat all 5 pounds of the calzone and marinara sauce.
What is inside this calzone? Well that is up to you. Steve chose grilled chicken, carmelized onions and mushrooms.
After you make that decision the chefs make the masive calzone.
Sean O'Brian has attempted this challenge three times in the past but has yet to acomplish this massive challenge.
O'Brian says "You just need to push the first 20-25 minutes and don't listen to anyone who says to pace yourself because after that is when the wall hits!

Commentary during the competition:

Jeff: "We're at about the 10 minute mark and what I'm impressed with at both ends is while there is still a lot of calzone left, the energy level is still high.
Glazier: "Fifteen minutes in. I don't want to jinx it but so far feeling pretty good!"

Sean and Steve finish two-thirds of the calzone in 15 minutes.
After 25 minutes Steve could not take another bite. Sean on the other hand kept going.
Sean came down to about three or four bites of bread left and didn't finish! Steve had about a quarter of the Cal-Mungo left, feeling stuffed.
After the 45 minutes was up it was time for two new pictures to go up on the wall of shame.
Steve said "I realize that now my picture must be taken for the wall of shame. I'm going to give you a picture of our fox and abc self portraits."

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