VT Ice Storm Leaves 20k Without Power

A major ice storm hit Vermont over the weekend, knocking out power to thousands.
FAIRFAX, Vt. - Saturday night's storm left northwest Vermont caked in ice, including Jennifer Wood's car.

"I need gas and I can't get into my gas tank- it's frozen, my car is completely frozen," she said.

While the ice storm meant more work for some, like Jennifer, kids like Naomi were left amazed.

"We woke up in the morning and all the power was out, and we were like, whoa! And we went upstairs, And tons of branches in the lawn,” she said.

It's the first ice storm she's seen, since this was the most significant to hit since the devastating 1998 storm. Even though this storm wasn't as bad, emergency crews were still busy.

Naomi, her brother Eddie, and father Tim, decided to say "thank you".

"We were out getting some food and saw the fire department out so we got them some lunch so were going to drop it off," Tim said.

"We got 16 sandwiches, 3 bags of Lays, and four liters of soda," Eddie says.

"We just thought they were doing something and probably hungry, they need lunch too," Naomi said.

Nearly 3/4" of ice was enough to take down huge limbs, with some landing on power lines.

“We’ve got a lot of down trees because of the weight of the ice," one utility worker said.

"We're running into a lot of stuff that's kind of off the beaten path."

For much of Sunday about 20 thousand customers were without power in northwest Vermont. Some may still lose power as limbs keep bending.

"It'll be ongoing because ice melts from the branches and everything lightens back up again," the utility worker said.
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