Weather School: Graupel

Meteorologist Michael Page discusses "graupel" in this week's Weather School segment.
Earlier this week many viewers reported seeing snow and other types of frozen precipitation. One type of precipitation that fell is not commonly known- graupel.

Graupel is defined as being small pellets of ice. It forms when very cold water droplets coat snowflakes as they gather in clouds.

Once graupel falls to Earth it appears cloudy and white. It's not quite as common as things like sleet and hail, so many haven't heard of it. With that in mind, many often misidentify it as sleet (clear ice pellets) or hail (ice that falls during thunderstorms).

Weather School airs each Sunday night on FOX 44 News at 10 PM. If you have a weather question, e-mail Meteorologist Michael Page.

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