"Whats on Tap?" Following the Heady Topper Trail

For this "Whats on Tap?," we joined the Heady Topper delivery crew as they deliver the prized beer.
By now, you may have heard of Heady Topper, the famous IPA made in Waterbury. It has developed quite a following. We followed the Heady Topper delivery truck as it made its rounds last week to see what the drivers face on a daily basis.

At Winooski Beverage, there was a line of people through the store, some had been waiting for more than an hour to get their hands on a case.

Ely Friedman-Heiman called ahead to Pearl Street Beverage in Burlington to see when the truck was coming, just so he could be sure that he wasn’t missing the truck.

“I gave a call this morning,” Friedman-Heiman said ”I knew they were here on Tuesday, I just didn’t know when.”

Matteo Deshong is the man who drives the Heady Topper truck. He has been working for John and Jen Kimmich, owners of the Alchemist Brewery, for almost 5 years. He started for them before Tropical Storm Irene washed away the old Alchemist Pub and Brewery back in 2011. He rejoined the team as the Heady Topper delivery driver in February, and Matteo says coming back was a no-brainer.

“There’s no answer other than yes,” Matteo says, “Anyone who knows Jen and John knows what a privilege it is to work for them.”

Each week, Matteo and his partner Taylor deliver around 1,000 cases of Heady Topper.  While we were with them, they delivered about 289 cases. And store owners couldn’t have been more excited to have the beer.

The first stop was the Jericho Center Country Store, where owner John St. Amour says he can’t keep the beer on the shelf, even though he limits purchases to one four pack per customer.

“It’s like gold,” he says, “It’s party time when people see the truck pull up. Everyone is psyched.”

And while the popularity grows, Matteo is just thankful to be along for the ride, “Very lucky to be a part of this team, very lucky to be a part of this growing phenomenon!”

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