Winds Topple Trees, Bring Outages

Gusty winds toppled trees and created power outages around the area on Friday.
WARREN, Vt. - Winds gusted over 70 mph atop Mount Mansfield, and between 35 and 50 mph around the valleys during the day Friday. Several thousand New York Vermont customers were in the dark after trees took down power lines, and in at least one case, snapped a power pole.

At the Gilhuly home in Warren Friday morning, it was a rude awakening.

“Just about 6:20 we actually heard the electricity and saw huge sparks come out, and it woke us up," homeowner Brendan Gilhuly says.

Until they looked outside, they had no idea what had happened. “We didn't realize the tree had fallen down. We just thought we lost power," Gilhuly says.

The tree tumbled right onto Main Street, taking power lines with it.

Llyle Douglass of Waitsfield Cable, on scene of the clean-up, says “when that tree came down it ripped all the telephone lines from this direction."

"It broke everything," he said.

A nearby power pole also had to be replaced, a process that took hours.

"The whole pole broke right off about the top ten feet, twelve feet of it," Douglass says.

The homeowner said the "tree was healthy, it was in great shape, we had no concerns, we had someone look at it not that long ago and we expected to have it a lot longer than that."

The tree took more than wires down with it; memories came crashing down too.

“We put up a rope swing about five years ago, and our kids are eleven and thirteen now so they played on that every day," Gilhuly said.

A newly planted tree, one of several that line Main Street, was also damaged.

"It’s sad to see that one go as well as the new trees because that was a nice cooperative effort," says Gilhuly.
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