12.9.13 Snowfall Falling Below Average

Snowfall has slipped below average in Burlington.
In Burlington, no snow fell in October. It was a different story in November, when 6.4" of snow fell. That was actually a little above average.

That's now turned around as we wrap up the first week of December. Through this point in the month, about 4" usually falls. So far we've seen just 0.6". That means our season total of 7" is below the seasonal average to date of just over 10".

We'll see a few occasional snow showers Tuesday, and then again Wednesday night. In fact, a few of those Wednesday snow showers may be feisty ahead of an invasion of Arctic air. Any accumulation, however, will likely be minimal since these are not coming with any real organized storm.

The next chance we have of a more organized storm, and perhaps of a more widespread snowfall, comes this weekend. Details still need to be worked out, so stay tuned for future updates.
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