Big Storm, Big Totals!

A snowstorm to remember for Valentine's Day 2014.
After a challenging forecast for the past several days, the storm has come and gone, leaving behind impressive snow totals across Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire. The storm began Thursday afternoon for most areas, bringing a quick 2-6" of snow, some nearly a foot in southern VT/southern NH. But the heaviest snow fell overnight and into the morning of Valentine's Day.

A very intense and deep Low pressure system tracked just inside Cape Cod, producing heavy snow on the north and west side of the storm. Snowfall rates were on the order of 1-2" per hour through the wee morning hours of February 14. Snow *really* added up, with many areas seeing 15-20" of snow.

On the whole, the storm was a challenge to forecast, with lower expectations than what were realized in the days leading up to it. As the storm got nearer, the intensity was better handled by weather models, keeping forecasters on their toes, modifying the forecast expectations right up until the morning before the storm.

In all, about 8-15" fell for nearly the entirety of northern New York and VT, with southern VT and NH receiving 12-20" widespread. Some of the outlying "high end" reports actually reached 30", like in Mount Holly, Vermont. Wow!

While it was definitely a big storm, this one probably won't go into the record books. If you recall, just a short 7 years ago, the Valentine's Day storm of 2007 produced a widespread 20-30".

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