Furthering The Lake: Flooding?

In addition to Michael Page's last blog about the lake level and temperature, I follow up on the flooding chances.
The lake's level at the King St. Ferry Dock  (USGS)
The lake's level at the King St. Ferry Dock (USGS)
Will Lake Champlain flood this year? It's a tough question and it will come close this year.

I'd love to give you a definitive yes or no, but with weather it is just so unpredictable weeks in advance that I can't. What I can do is give my opinion or which way I'm leaning. I'm leaning toward a no flood this year, but coming very close to the brink.

The lake is on the up and up. As you read in Michael Page's blog a day prior, the lake is a little below average but it is quickly catching up. The cold March we had kept our surrounding terrain frozen and the lake lowering, however the quick warmth and extra rain have shot the lake level right up!

There is still plenty of snow left in the mountains, 80" of snow atop Mount Mansfield as of Wednesday, April 9 which is more than a foot above "normal." The lower elevations have lost the snow, so that's some good news in terms of avoiding flooding.

The forecast is for warmer temperatures and more rain in the coming week, so please come back frequently to check in on the lake level. It will get much higher by Wednesday and Thursday April 16 and 17, while staying elevated with more snow melt through the end of the *month*! While I am siding no, Lake Champlain floods every other year on average. It's a 50/50 shot and this year it's looking like it's going to come down to a few inches too whether the lake gets above its 100' flood stage level.

-Meteorologist Steve Glazier
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