New State Record for NY

New State Record for NY

More than a foot of rain fell in Islip, NY Wednesday...that sets a new record the state. Read to learn more
You may have read Steve Glazier's blog earlier today as heavy rain fell on Long Island, the rain tally kept going up, up, and up with now a final tally of a whopping 13.57" of rainfall! That. Is. Astounding!

The amount of rain that fell at Islip, NY set a new state record for maximum 24 hour rainfall. This beats the old record 11.6" set during tropical storm Irene in 2011 in Tannersville.

This was also a daily record for that point location as well...and this one gets me....this absolutely SHATTERS the old record for that site, which was a measly .91" set in 2013 for that site.

Finally, for perspective...consider this. 13.57" is more than what Islip typically receives in an entire summer (more than the average combined months of June, July, and August)

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