Sunrise before 7am Tuesday

Let the days get longer!
We reach a milestone on Tuesday! On the morning of February 11, 2014, our sunrise will happen  BEFORE 7am for the first time since last October of 2013. As the Earth grudging makes it's trek around the Sun, and the northern hemisphere slowly tilts more toward the Sun (as happens every year transitioning out of Winter's depths), our Sunrise here in most of central and western VT will happen a few critical moments earlier.

What does this mean? Well, really nothing...except my mental happiness knowing that the darkest days are slowing passing behind us.

We'll keep gaining about 2-3 minutes of sunlight each day through the Summer solstice. And don't forget, sun lovers, we can always look forward to the start of daylight saving time when we turn the clocks forward one  hour. This year, that will happen on Sunday, March 9th.

To check your local sunrise/sunset time, check out this web site
. To view Burlington's sunrise/sunset time, click here.
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