Icy Days Likely Friday, Sunday

Two separate storm systems will move through, one Friday and another Sunday, both yielding icy surfaces.
Two storms are in the pipeline for us, one of them could provide some very hazardous problems locally.

I'll discuss Friday first, since I am more confident in what will happen that day and since it's closer in the forecast period. A wintry mix will be here Friday, but mostly a light to moderately-light precipitation event. An upper-level disturbance will float through the atmosphere and give us lightly accumulating snow Friday morning. As the day progresses, locations in the Champlain Valley and along/south of NY Rt. 3, VT Rt. 2, and NH Rt. 2 will mix with rain and possibly brief sleet/freezing rain. Areas north of those boundaries will stay all snow with limited rain mixing in. Good news is that freezing rain and icing appears to be minimal, <0.05" of ice accumulation. Snowfall appears on the light side too, about 1-3" north of those road boundaries by Friday afternoon. Still though it will be enough to create locally difficult travel.

The bigger storm will arrive Sunday. This storm will be packing a much stronger punch because it's going to be tapping into, and bringing with it, Gulf of Mexico moisture. Heavy precipitation will fall Sunday, some of it as freezing rain. Just how much freezing rain is still yet to be determined, but there are indications if the air is cold enough at the surface that we will get prolonged amounts of freezing rain and ice accumulation. Locations most subject to icing will be the St. Lawrence Valley and the northern halves of New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire outside the Champlain Valley. The storm will be bringing a bucket of about an inch of precipitation, most of it being freezing rain or sleet. There will be a flooding threat too, because of snow depth that averages 6-12" in southern VT/NH and heavy rain possible for that area. This will begin around daybreak Sunday and continue through Sunday evening. If you have to travel Sunday, please keep a close eye on the forecast as we get more confident numbers for ice accumulation.

-Meteorologist Steve Glazier
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