NY Apple Crop:So Far, So Good

By Kristen Tripodi

Published 09/02 2014 07:16PM

Updated 09/02 2014 07:27PM

PERU, Ny.- Growers across northern New England are eyeing a decent apple harvest this year. But in New York growers say it's looking like a really good year. Their crop is colorful, ripe, and ready for the picking.

“This is definitely a good year,” said Sonyell Roy, with Applejacks Orchard, in Peru, NY.

Roy says although it's early in the season, for them this year is already better than last.

“Last year’s crop was a little bit sparse we actually had to close a week early due to Mother Nature,” said Roy.

But this year Roy says she's expecting a really great crop.

“It’s about a week behind from where we normally are. With Mother Nature, blossom was about a week late this year. But by the end of the season most everything on our trees will be picked by customers,” said Roy.

Other orchards across the North East aren't so lucky this year and experts say the weather's to blame. Some areas in Vermont and New Hampshire were hit hard with cold temperatures or hail; ultimately damaging the crop. But nationally the U.S Apple Association predicts this year's harvest will beat out last year's by at least a few million bushels. And experts say the back and forth between good and bad years is typical for the apple crop.

 “But this year we have an amazing crop,” said Roy.

So while some orchards aren't as lucky as Applejacks, experts say it's likely they'll bounce back next year.

I spoke with Rulfs Orchard in Peru, NY where growers described their crop by saying they have so many apples - they don't know what to do with them all!

In Vermont-- experts are predicting a similar number of bushels as in 2013; but in New Hampshire, they're predicting growers will pick only about half of what they did last year.

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