44’S Finest best summer spots: Blue Paddle Bistro on the Bay

44's Finest

This weeks winner of 44s Finest best summer spots, is a place that has learned to change and adapt during the pandemic, they have openened up a second location just down the road from the original and they have more than doubled their staff. Its none other than the Blue Paddle Bistro on the Bay.

They have a customized portable kitchen from Chicago and their deck is made out of three large storage containers. The menu at the Bay includes a delicious lobster roll, hamburgers, and wood fired pizzas.

At the Paddle they pay attention to where they get their products from and they try to support as many local businesses as possible. They also grow most of their ingredients right in their own garden.

Mandy Hotchkiss, co-owner of the Blue Paddle Bistro, has been trying to help other restaurants during this time. She says, “You can sink or swim and if you are going to swim you have to swim really hard. You’ve got to jump in with both feet and you really can’t look back. You’ve got to say to yourself you cant look back. What is next? What is the next project?”

Each customers that enters the Bay is greeted with a friendly smile and a big hello. That is why the Blue Paddle Bistro on the Bay is this weeks winner of 44’s Finest!

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