44’s Finest Gyro: Three Brothers Pizza & Grill

44's Finest

For this week’s 44’s Finest, we take you to Three Brothers Pizza & Grill in Colchester, picked as the best place around to get a gyro.

The owners of Three Brothers are Palestinian, and they wanted something on their menu that represented where they came from.

“It was just that delicious yumminess that was always like a comfort food for us,” said Rami Faour, oldest of the brothers. “So we kind of dabbled with that a little bit and said, ‘Why don’t we offer it on our menu,’ and people say they love it.”

The three brothers and their parents moved to Colchester in 1991. The parents bought Sunny Hill Quick Stop, and in 2009, the brothers bought the empty attached building next door.

They found their inspiration for the new restaurant at their parent’s deli. As for their gyro, that’s part of the family’s roots, said Rabie Faour, the youngest brother.

“There’s something back home similar the the gyro with the shaved meat. We wanted to take something back to our roots

So what makes it so good? It’s the banana peppers, Rami said.

“It kind of gives it a little pickly flavor, and it’s just a perfect combination of flavors, a perfect collection of ingredients that makes for a great sandwich.”

“The atmosphere it’s really family its family operated and run there’s always a family member on the property seven days a week and it’s our customers are basically family,” said Rami

Tristin Johnson said he eats lunch at Three Brothers three or four times a week.

“The customer service is great they are very genuine people and its family owned the slices are great I can’t argue with that.”

With the help of Reinhart Food Service, they put their imagination to work

“They are very attentive and highly reliable and very good at helping us find those specific ingredients,” said Rami.

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