44’S Finest Out Door Dining Superstars: The Spirit of Ethan Allen

44's Finest

For this week’s 44’s finest outdoor dining superstars we’re featuring the Spirit of Ethan Allen. The Spirit of Ethan Allen is boat that cruises around Lake Champlain for people to enjoy a great dinner with a beautiful view.

Like many restaurants, The Spirit of Ethan Allen was impacted by the pandemic. But, owner Mike Shea says even though they have made some changes, the food and the experience is just as good.

“We would have carried by no we would have carried close to 20 thousand people. Right now we’ve maybe carried 12 hundred,” said Shea. “We hope people will come out and one of the things that we have here that everybody is looking for is fresh air.”

 All tables are spaced out and masks are required to enter. They have also changed buffets to cafeteria style.

“We’ve changed our food menu around. We got rid of our ten o clock cruise which is seven days a w week. We were seeing no business so we just cut that out,” said Shea

Food on the boat ranges from lobster rolls to brisket!  Head Chef Goran said even though there may not be as many cooks in the kitchen this year, the quality of the food is no different!

“We are serving big amounts of food and you can experience cooking everything. Lobster dinner is the most popular, our guests can get surf and turf. They can get lobster,” said Chef Goran.

Those aboard the ship say they feel safe and are ready to enjoy some food and the lake.

“It’s a good reason to get out and do some sightseeing and it beautiful weather,” said Kevin Tavares

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