For this week’s edition of At the Box Office, film critic Julia Swift gave us a look at ‘Colin from Accounts,’ a series new to the U.S., from Australia, coming to Paramount+.

‘Colin from Accounts’ is a comedy series created by Patrick Brammal and Harriet Dyer, who are married. They also star as the show’s two main characters. They meet through a car accident where Dyer distracts Brammal, causing him to hit a dog. They then go on to care for the dog together, despite not being in a relationship.

Julia Swift believes the show is a nice change from darker stories, describing it as a light watch with plenty of cringey moments. When it comes to the onscreen performances, Swift finds the two main actors’ chemistry to be “amazing.” She adds, “It’s not one that’s going to stick with you and make you think about life. But it might make you laugh. It’s something my husband and I watched together…and we wanted to see what happened.”

‘Colin from Accounts’ begins streaming on Paramount+ November 9th, 2023.