For this week’s edition of At the Box Office, film critic Julia Swift takes a look at the new second season of HBO Max’s series ‘The Gilded Age.”

For those who haven’t seen season 1 of ‘The Gilded Age,’ it is a period piece that takes place in late-1800s New York City. The show focuses on the familial dealings of the ultra-wealthy magnates of railroads and other industries.

Julia Swift feels the show doesn’t have much when it comes to depth, but that it is genuinely a feel-good show. “In our world with so much going on…we really don’t have something light and fun…this really does fit the bill. It’s so enjoyable. And the actors are amazing.” Swift also touches on how great it is that the show brought on Sonja Warfield to co-write, and how they’ve decided to focus on how the Black elite spent their time as well.

‘The Gilded Age’ season premieres October 29th on Max.