For this week’s “At the Box Office,” film critic Julia Swift takes a look at the new Amazon Prime comedy special “Zarna Garg – One in a Billion.”

The eponymously named special stars stand-up comedian Zarna Garg. The subtitle, “One in a Billion,” is in reference to her birth country of India becoming the most populous nation in the world. Garg focuses much of her work on her experiences as a mother, and also draws from her former career working as a lawyer as well as her Indian heritage.

Speaking of Garg on stage, Swift says, “You can tell that she’s really brilliant, and what I love that she does is that she says things on one level…She says something underneath [that].” Swift says this in regard to Garg saying something in a shocking way while having a different meaning behind what she says.

You can watch the special, “Zarna Garg – One in a Billion” on Amazon Prime.