The gates are open. The ten best days of summer are back at the Champlain Valley Fair and people are thrilled. 

“It’s really lifting our spirits, I would say,” KJ Cleveland said. 

Debbie Brugger is excited to experience the fair with her grandson. 

“And through his eyes I am getting a wonderful wonderful experience myself,” Brugger said. 

Brugger’s grandson is only four-years-old. 

“I am a kid at heart and this is just so much fun it really is in so many ways, it’s wonderful to look around and see everyone having a good time” 

and some children are excited to see the animals. 

“Um a pig,” Lorena, a three-year-old, said. 

And you can’t forget the cows.

“Mostly cuddly, you can cuddle with them for hours and they won’t mind,” Kellen Lyford, a nine-year-old said. 

Jeff Bartley is the Marketing Director at the Champlain Valley Expo. He said it’s great to be back in business.

“Bring an appetite and get ready for some thrills,” Bartley said. 

This year there are nearly 40 rides and 70 food vendors. 

“It’s a lot of the same with the rides and the food,” Bartley said. “We do welcome the Hungry Bakery and marc bbq which is a huge stable here in essex junction”

But for Lyford, he just has one thing in mind. 

“Mostly just ice cream,” Lyford said.