‘At the Box Office’ this week, Julia Swift is taking a look at Tom Hanks’ latest film, ‘A Man Called Otto’. It’s based on a novel, about a widower who has lost his purpose in life — but it’s also about how his community comes together to remind him how much he still has to give to the world.

“I wasn’t sure — Tom Hanks, America loves him…is he going to be able to play a cantankerous old man? Are we going to believe that?” Julia asks. “He was pretty good! The film was wonderful, emotional and sentimental”.

Julia says there were lots of great performances across the cast — and the ending is so uplifting. “You really walk out of the theaters…you want to say hello to all your neighbors” she says. “It really is a movie, about how we all have purpose in this world”.

You can catch ‘A Man Called Otto’ in theaters today.