Film Critic & Assoc. Professor at Champlain College, Julia Swift, reviews Marvel Studio’s story of Black Widow and her family before the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame.’

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans had to wait for more than a year to finally see ‘Black Widow’ on the big screen, and Swift says that it was amazing for theaters. As for the film its self… “Everything was different, it was kind of a mess, kind of fun. Superhero films ascend beyond that and become great films and this didn’t do that.”

Swift did praise the work of director Cate Shortland, but says she should have been a writer for Black Widow. “Nothing tied together, everything was all over the place.” Swift says about the writing of Eric Pearson.

Though Swift admits that this film is action packed, funny and has a great backstory, the bad writing of the Black Widow is what will define this movie.