At the Box Office: ‘Cry Macho’


Clint Eastwood returns to the silver screen for a western thriller ‘Cry Macho.’ So what did Film Critic & Assoc. Professor at Champlain College, Julia Swift think of the Movie? “It’s just an embarrassment of a film.” Swift said ‘Cry Macho’ is poorly written and directed to the point that its slow and boring. She does give credit to Eastwood for a lengthy career. “I was touched seeing just watching Clint Eastwood. We have seen his entire life on screen” says Swift.

Julia says to skip this movie anyways and flip the television over to Netflix, where she praises the #1 drama series in the United States, ‘Squid Game.’ Swift explains this is unlike any of the Korean drama’s she has seen. “Usually Korean drama’s are romantic and character based, this is violent, violent, violent.” Julia still says ‘Squid Game’ is well done and is excited that a Korean drama is #1.

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