Film Critic & Assoc. Professor at Champlain College, Julia Swift, says ‘Jungle Cruise’ is geared toward the whole family. Filmed in Hawaii, she says the movie has “fun” and “beautiful” settings.

The critic also mentions the film can be a bit goofy, “Dwayne Johnson keeps telling, what I call ‘dad jokes’, which are just silly puns, but they do make you laugh…”

With that said, Swift tells us, there isn’t much Depth to this Disney flick. “It felt like they just needed to get a real writer in there, and the thing that’s frustrating is they had a real writer! One of the main writers on it wrote ‘Logan’, which is one of the best written action films in decades,” Swift says.

Regardless, the critic says ‘Jungle Cruise’ is worth the watch, but recommends you “don’t expect it to be brilliant”.