‘My Mister’ is a South Korean series featuring actors Lee Sun Kyun and Lee Ji-eun, better known to her fans as IU.

Film Critic & Assoc. Professor at Champlain College, Julia Swift, explains ‘K-dramas’ (Korean dramas) are creating quite the cultural impact across the world, including in America. She says, “…In the West, sex and violence are what are used in our movies and TV to create conflict, but in Korean dramas, they don’t do that. It’s about family, and work, and inner conflicts. It’s about the small moments that make up our lives”. Swift says 6% of people watching K-dramas are in the United States.

‘My mister’ follows a man in his 40s (Lee Sun Kyun) and a woman in her 20s (IU) who form an emotional connection, but not in the way you may think, “everyone kept telling me to watch it, and I didn’t want to watch because I thought ‘oh God, it’s going to be a middle-aged man and a young woman’, and I didn’t want to see that… but it’s not about their romance! It’s about the way they change each others lives,” Swift says.

The series is available with English subtitles now on Netflix.