In this week’s edition of At the Box Office, film critic Julia Swift takes a look at season 2 of the Hulu original series, ‘Only Murders in the Building.’

Julia says the first season of this series was a surprise to her, because “it almost plays more like a radio show. — you don’t really have to listen to understand the plot. It’s not so much about the visuals, it’s about these amazing actors.”

The show stars Martin Short, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez. What really sets ‘Only Murders in the Building’ apart from other shows, according to Julia, is the performance from all three lead actors. “People are watching to watch these amazing actors play with each other, and it looks like they’re having fun,” she says. “And that sort of fun comes out on the screen.”

Overall, Julia enjoyed the second season, and says it’s a homey, warm series with some light comedy and incredible performances.

You can catch the second season of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ on Hulu.