At the Box Office: ‘Sounds Like Love’


A novel turned movie, ‘Sounds Like Love’ is a Spanish romance that follows a woman’s life journey when all of a sudden her Ex-boyfriend pops back up in her life and threatens to upend everything. Film Critic & Assoc. Professor at Champlain College, Julia Swift gives praise to the director and the actresses, especially ‘Jimena’ played by Elisabet Casanovas. “She’s gonna be a huge star” Swift says about Casanovas and her performance.

Aside from the actresses, the story is also impressive. Swift says the movie is full of real life empowering moments where you finally show your true self while you’re young. Swift says “When you remember what it was like to be that age and feel that way, I felt like it was really represented for the first time in a really long time”

‘Sounds Like Love’ is out now on Netflix.

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