Film Critic & Assoc. Professor at Champlain College, Julia Swift, tells us it’s not necessary to watch the first ‘Boss Baby’ movie to understand this sequel.

She says it takes place in a world in which babies can have adult brains. The plot heavily focuses on family and love. “It’s about two brothers who’ve grown apart and they’re forced to become babies again and work together…” Swift says.

The critic describes the film as “visual candy for kids”, stressing that it isn’t for adults, but it’ll be fun for young children.

Swift also mentions that ‘The Boss Baby 2’ is directed by Tom McGrath, who worked on the well-received animation, ‘Madagascar’. With that said, the critic explains, this film doesn’t quite live up to the 2005 hit. She says, “…It’s not going to go on forever; we’re not going to want to keep seeing these, but for now it’s fine…”