In this week’s edition of ‘At the Box Office’, Julia Swift is taking a look at the new Sci-Fi & Romance film, ‘The Time Capsule’. Julia tried her hardest to find a good movie to review, but everything that’s in theaters right now are films she’s already reviewed. She found ‘The Time Capsule’ on-demand — it follows the story of a political candidate who takes a vacation with his wife, and runs into his girlfriend from 20 years ago, who hasn’t aged at all, after going on a space voyage that lasted two decades. Julia says she was excited by the premise, but the movie fell flat.

“It was so stereotyped” Julia says. “I had no idea why he loved her, why she loved him, why he didn’t love his wife…everything was surfacey”.

Julia says ‘The Time Capsule’ is not worth the watch, but instead — she’s looking forward to the summer movie season. “There are big movies coming out in the next few weeks, including Jurassic Park, Elvis, and Lightyear“.

You can catch ‘The Time Capsule’ on-demand now.