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Lauren Maloney anchors Local 22 News at 6,7, and 11 p.m. You can also watch her on Local 44 at 10 p.m.

Where did you grow up?

Cranston, Rhode Island

Where did you attend college?

Bachelor of Science in Television Studies, Lyndon State College 2004

Where have you worked previously?

My first job was in Hastings, Nebraska.  Aside from learning the ins and outs of college football, I co-anchored the 6 & 10 p.m. broadcasts, Monday through Friday.

What is the most challenging story you’ve ever done?

Several years ago I interviewed a family who had an autistic son, for a series on autism.  His mom was so passionate that her son’s disorder was caused by vaccines given during and after her pregnancy.  The challenging factor was trying to not come so emotionally attached.  I saw a determined mother, who just wanted the best life for her son and didn’t want to see him treated any differently.  I think of them often.

Who is your favorite national correspondent?

Brian Williams

What are your hobbies?

I love T.V. and movies; in fact, I probably know way too many pointless tidbits dealing with pop culture that anyone would care to know.  But I keep telling myself that it’s going to pay off some day!  Can you say trivia contest?

What are your favorite sports teams?

This should be no surprise to anyone:  The New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox

What is your favorite book?

My first response is to say “Leah’s Song,” by Eth Clifford.  It was one of the first ?grown-up’ books I read in 4th grade and it really stuck with me. My adult self would say “My Sister’s Keeper,” by Jodi Picoult.

What is your favorite food?

Mom’s lasagna and for dessert Strawberry Shortcake (on a biscuit, don’t even think of telling me it will taste as good on pound cake)?.my favorite! 

What is one activity you would put on a “bucket list”?

I would love to take a trip to Ireland and Italy, really soak it in, without any time constraints on coming back to the real world!

Other fun facts about Lauren!

Lauren is a staunch supporter of the American Heart Association and the Go Red for Women movement.

In 2004, Lauren was honored with a prestigious Gracie Award from the American Women in Radio & Television, Individual Achievement for Best Student Anchor.

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