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Torrance Gaucher is Local 22 and Local 44's weekend meteorologist and reporter.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the rural town of Burrillville, Rhode Island. Burrillville the home of the famous Wright's Chicken Farm Restaurant and located about 30 minutes northwest of Providence, Rhode Island.

Where did you attend school?

I graduated from Burrillville High School before I attended Lyndon State College in the NEK where I earned my degree in Atmospheric Sciences and Television News Studies.

Where have you worked previously?

I began my career working at LSC-TV News7 at Lyndon State College.  After graduating from Lyndon I moved to the beautiful North Coast of California and worked as the Chief Meteorologist at KIEM-TV News Channel 3 in Eureka, Ca.

What are your hobbies?

While I attended Lyndon State I grew to love the outdoors, running, hiking, and learned how to ski during those cold winters (not the best... still learning). I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, nothing beats spending a weekend or day off at a cook out! I am a big fan of FOOD. Please let me know of the best places to eat in the area! I won't lie, I am a HUGE fan of Chinese food.

What are your favorite sports teams?

Since I am from New England it has to be the Red Sox, Pats, and Bruins. I am down to watch some games... but don't ask me who the players are or their stats!

What is your favorite food?

As I said above Chinese is one of my favorite foods. My second choice would have to be sweet and sour chicken wings! I am a huge food lover so let me know of the local hot spots! 

What is one thing you would put on a "bucket list"?

Scuba dive a shipwreck!


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