VT Works to Safeguard Voter Information

Voter Registration Deadline Nears_71088576-159532

Vermont has stepped up its cyber security protection.

The Secretary of State’s Office wants to protect voter information as more people head to the polls in the final few days of this election.


“We feel pretty confident that we are in good shape,” says Secretary of State Jim Condos.


The deadline to register to vote is Wednesday at 5 PM.


Condos says he’s not just reminding people to vote, but also working on protecting your vote.


“The system as I said is decentralized and we are not connected to the internet,” says Condos.


This year states like Arizona and Illinois experienced cyber attacks on their election databases. Condos says his office has taken steps to protect Vermont elections and voter information.


He says the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has conducted scans of its election systems twice in the last 3 weeks.


“We feel strong, we feel confident, that’s not to say we can’t be hacked, you can always be hacked, the question is have you been proactive and taken every step available to prevent that from happening,” says Condos.


That’s why he wants to stick to paper ballots even though some states have moved towards electronic voting systems.

“We have those paper ballots and as I said they are sealed, stored, and protected.”


He says voter protection is ever important this election given the expected high voter turnout.


“We have a very heavily contested presidential race. We have a heavily contested Governor’s race and a heavily contested Lieutenant Governor’s race. Just those three races alone will generate a lot of activity.”


More than 465,000 Vermonters have registered to vote this election, the highest number to date.

Same day voter registration in Vermont goes into effect in January. It’s expected to draw in tens of thousands of new voters.

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