Co-Director, Christopher Brown, and performer, Kenna Lund, joined The Morning Brew to tell us about their new show, ’18 Below: Legends in the Making’.

The show is made up of young performers, from 8 to 18-years-old. Brown explains why a focus is being put on that age range, simply saying, “They’re the future of performance.”

One of those performers has been waiting for her chance to shine. “I have a lot friends and family members that have been involved with Lyric in the past and I’ve been wanting to audition for a show for a long time…” Kenna Lund says.

’18 Below: Legends in the Making’ kicked off earlier this month, but it’s not too late to catch Lund and the other talents. Another outdoor performance takes place Wednesday, August 11th at 6pm. It’s in Williston, at Maple Tree Place Green. More information can be found at