Free Resources to help improve your financial situation.

At New England Federal Credit Union, we offer free financial education seminars, both to our members and to the general public. NEFCU holds free in-person courses in our Member Education Center at our main branch in Williston and also at our branch in St. Albans, VT. Free online courses are offered regularly on Check our list of upcoming seminars and contact us to sign up!

We believe that everyone should have the knowledge and skills they need to manage their money wisely. We hope you’ll take advantage of all of the great resources that NEFCU has to offer!

Financial Counseling

Every day, our Certified Financial Counselors help people make positive financial changes. This free and confidential service is available to all NEFCU members. It is designed to help you strengthen your financial situation.

We offer three counseling tracks:
GROWTHYou have a specific financial goal you’re looking to achieve.We help you develop a plan and connect with the resources that can help you make it happen.
PREVENTATIVE  You are experiencing financial pressures, such as reduced income, unanticipated expenses, or spiraling debt.We help you assess your current financial status and make the changes needed to avert larger problems.
CRISISYou are facing serious financial troubles such as excessive debt or bankruptcy.We help you take concrete actions to regain control of your finances and start moving in a positive direction.

Take Control of Your Financial World

We help you master the fundamentals of your finances, so you have more control over your money and can put it to work for you. We offer:

  • Budget Counseling: we’ll look at your cash flow and set up a budget and spending plan targeted toward specific financial goals
  • Credit Counseling: we’ll review your credit report in detail and make a plan to improve your credit score
  • Debt Counseling: we’ll look at all of your debts and identify opportunities to restructure them to help you reach your goals faster

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