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Green State Gardener is here to help with all your grow needs. Whether you’re an indoor grower relying on equipment, or an outdoor grower prepping for the season, we have the knowledge and products to get you growing right!

Check out our online Classes & Events section for educational opportunities and community events, and the Learning Center for plant-care resources, cannabinoid research and other interesting items. Stop by the store for expert help and guidance, and to shop the in-store inventory.



Our staff can provide expert service and knowledge to help you identify the best supplies & equipment for any scale.

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At Green Sate Gardener we grow premium, indoor hemp flower using organic methods.

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Need help getting started? Our free classes are beginner-friendly and will cover the basics of growing

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“I moved up here form Atlanta, Georgia with a basic knowledge of growing. Green State Gardener has really helped me step my game up. Now, I’m learning about genetic development, and how to back cross my strains. I really wish you could smell my frosty flowers, but you can’t, cause this is a testimonial, and I’m sorry about that. If you’re looking to improve your grow here in the Green Mountain State, swing by Green State Gardener.”

– Evan, from Burlington

“GSG taught me how to successfully grow my own medicine. I tried buying from other local grow stores, I tried Amazon, and learning on YouTube, with little success. Here, they are true professionals with endless knowledge and top quality products backing in their mission to support their customer. I strive for pure, organic medicine, and Green State Gardener is the only source I found that meets all of my needs.”

– Mike, from Franklin County.

“Hey it’s Kathy from Yoga VT, you want to stand on your hands? Come see me. Do you want to have the most knowledgeable people in the Green Mountain State help you with all your cannabis needs go to Green State Gardener, it’s the place to be. I’m currently growing Cherry CBD seeds that I got from Green State Gardener, and the plants look amazing! Also the staff, they answer any question I have, and I have some crazy ones. I’m a registered caregiver, my patient and I prefer to grow rather than buy his medicine because we can select the strains and control the quality; and the plants are beautiful.”

– Kathy, South Burlington.