We took a trip to the Humane Society of Chittenden County for this week’s ‘Forever Home’. Upon arrival, we noticed that the shelter was fuller than normal because of how busy kitten season has been. With that being said, adult cats and dogs (1 year or older) are only 25 dollars to adopt. That includes our new friend, Mujo!


Mujo is a little bit of a nervous, shy cat right now but has the ability to open up in a comfortable, loving space. He is an 8 year old handsome feline with unique markings and big, gorgeous eyes. They are the kind of eyes that draw you right in and make you want to cuddle up with Mujo. However, Mujo will need to be eased into his next home. The same introduction process will be necessary for any young kids, dogs, and other cats. Mujo currently lives in an open space at HSCC with other cats and they all seem to get along just fine.


For more information about how you can put in your application to adopt Mujo, be sure to visit the Humane Society in person or you can head on over to their website for many more details. Let’s find Mujo his ‘Forever Home’ and help him get his mojo back!