This week’s Forever Home brings us to a unique destination that combines two of our favorite things: rescuing animals and coffee. How do you combine the two? Just ask the folks behind the Kitty Korner Cafe. Located in downtown Barre, the cafe has been open for about a month now. Not only is it the purrrfect place to get a great cup of coffee, but you also just might find your new best friend.

The cafe is also part cat lounge…complete with fabulous feline decor and the mother of all cat trees. It’s a new venue and home space for adoptable cats rescued by Central Vermont Humane Society.  

“I don’t know how it could be better. The big tree that Logan built. The ability for cats to have all different kinds of spaces. If they like it low they’ll have a nice low space. If they want to hide behind a couch they’ve got that too,” said Laurie Garrison, executive director of CVHS.

The partnership between CVHS and cafe owner Alexis Dexter was born out of a mutual love of cats and the desire to save as many as possible.

“The big joke is that my sweetheart Logan just wanted to build a really big cat tree and I showed him what a cat cafe was and he just kept saying “we should have a cat cafe. And finally, I said are you joking or are we really doing this and he said yeah we could do this,” Dexter said.

Interested adopters can call the cafe and book an appointment to spend time with the adorable lounge kitties to see if there’s a match. The additional space is a major win for the rescue’s mission. 

“Space is usually the restrictor. You can only save as many as you have space for. I’m really excited about just expanding our capacity to be able to rescue more cats. This will significantly increase the number of cats we can rescue and that’s what it’s all about for us,” Garrison said.

Combining a successful business with her love of cats is a win win for Dexter.

“I’m definitely a big cat person so having access to these sweet babies every single day is great. but I’m loving just coming in and going over and shooting the who with my staff…it’s just been such a positive experience.

If you do meet your match in the lounge, the adoption must still be finalized through the Central Vermont Humane Society.