In this week’s Forever Home, we head back to the North Country Animal League in Morrisville to meet a puppy named Carmella. She is a party on four legs! She arrived at the shelter on Friday by transport. 

 “See she is a goofball,” Lusana Masrur, Director of Development and Outreach at NCAL said. “She is just here to have a good time and make friends and be a 24/7 entertainment and I think she is going to be a blast. Anyone who has here will be so lucky”

Carmella is young and has a lot of room for growth. She would fit well with a younger family, someone older or even someone living on their own. She just needs someone to give her the times it takes to get a puppy trained so she could be the best version of herself. 

For someone who has never had a puppy Masrur wants to give this advice. 

“So of course, with puppies I think you need to have time and a routine that you can set with them,” Masrur said. “It’s always good if you can work with a trainer and go to puppy school.”

She does well with other dogs, but it is important to make sure there is supervision there when introducing them. If you are interested in Carmella, you can find out more here.