In this week’s Forever Home we head back to the North Country Animal League where Beth Jones introduces us to a sweet senior cat who may look a little rough around the edges but is actually a sweet little softie. Meet 10-year-old Sparrow.

“We’ve had him for a few weeks. it hasn’t been that long but he has really come a long way. he was definitely depressed when he got here but he seems to come out of his shell when there’s a person willing to give him some love,” said Lusana Masrur, NCAL development and communications manager.

Sparrow came to the North Country Animal League after his owner passed away. He is missing an eye and most of his teeth but is otherwise healthy. Most importantly his spirit is undaunted and shelter staff say he’s come a long way in the short time he’s been there. 

They aren’t sure how he lost his eye but it doesn’t seem to phase him, as he gets around just fine. shelter staff say they suspect he’s got a spunky side that just needs some time to come out.

“I bet there is a playful cat inside of him that we haven’t met yet and that has to do with the fact that he’s still settling into his new environment. but he can definitely move around. we have him in our admin offices. he will jump on the table and will jump on a lap if you’re sitting,” Masrur said. 

Sparrow will need soft wet food to eat since he can’t chew very well and soft treats too. Shelter staff don’t know his history with other animals or kids but they recommend a quiet environment for him. Dog or cat siblings may be possible but with very slow introductions and kids must be cat-savvy. They are certain that in the right home, Sparrow will thrive.

The shelter is closed due to increased covid restrictions. you can fill out an adoption application online and the shelter will contact you when you are approved.