In this week’s Forever Home we head to Addison County to meet a big goofy dog named Titus. He is a confident middle-aged dog who has all the energy of a young pup. 

Titus is a six-year-old german shepherd that came to Homeward Bound, Addison County Humane Society from a transport from Florida with eight other dogs. He has been at the shelter for little over a month now. 

“He is a very energetic dog in shelter, but actually a couch potato when he goes for over nights with one of our volunteers,” Jahnu Gibbs, Animal Care specialist said. “He is an independent dog, he loves to play outside with his water troff. He loves water in general, he likes to go to the river and swim and play outside.”

Titus weighs about 100 pounds. He is on a special diet, and has a lot of skin allergies. He also has worn his teeth down from being in the shelter for so long and chewing on toys.

“He loves to go for car rides,” Gibbs said. “He rides around in my truck, but one thing, don’t turn on windshield wipers, he hates them.”

He does not do well with kids, cats or dogs.

If you are interested in Titus contact the Addison County Humane Society.