We took another trip just down the road to Queen City Cats to visit with Miche and to meet Harley. Harley is another cat that we are featuring for this week’s Forever Home series.

Harley was brought into Queen City Cats after their owner passed away and has had a long journey to be the happy, fun-loving, and adorable boy that he is today. Harley recently had surgery to remove a non-cancerous lump on his neck. He is healing really well and acting as if nothing ever happened. His mood is upbeat and active especially when playing with his stringed feather toy.

Harley will need some more time to heal before officially being adopted but don’t tell him that. He’s ready to play his way into your heart and home with his beautiful tuxedo markings. Harley also has some gorgeous yellow eyes and a very soft coat that you could snuggle with all day long.

As Harley makes a full recovery, you should know that he has no other health issues or dietary restrictions. He is even microchipped already and we know he can’t wait to be loved up on. He is about 6 years old and it seems like he would thrive most in a house all to himself. However, that’s not to say that with a slow, proper introduction that he couldn’t become another cat’s companion and best friend. 

If Harley sounds like your cup of tea, then make sure you check out his full Forever Home story to see him in all his glory. For more information about how to schedule a visit to see Harley or to go through with an application, you can take a trip over to the Queen City Cats website. Let’s do our very best to find happy go lucky Harley his Forever Home and family!