We took a trip down Route 7 to visit with the fine, dedicated folks at Homeward Bound of Addison County for this week’s ‘Forever Home’ story. While at Homeward Bound, we met a flowery girl, if you will. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Iris. She’s only about a year old and came to the shelter after being surrendered by their owner.

Iris is a super sweet and treat motivated girl, but it’s going to take some time for her to settle into her new living situation. Iris is on a specific medication to help her with some anxiety but while we were there, we noticed it didn’t take long for Iris to get comfortable with strangers and our big black camera equipment. Iris loves her hotdogs and tennis balls as they act as a good distraction and some positive reinforcement when meeting new people.

It’s important to know that one free training with a certified professional is always offered when you adopt a dog from Homeward Bound. It’s one of those perks that makes Iris irresistible. Once you learn Iris’s ins and outs and what makes her happy, she will know no other best friend in life other than you. After feeding her some hotdog slices and getting her settled in the training area, Iris was giving Homeward Bound’s Canine Coordinator, Iylva, many kisses and lap hugs. Iris also loves playing with some of the other dogs at the shelter. While Iris is well socialized

Iris really is an outstanding dog who deserves nothing short of a loving home. As long as you’re willing to work on getting Iris situated into her new setting at her own pace and you’re mindful of those slow introductions, there’s no doubt that Iris is for you. There would be no better gift you could give this holiday season than going through with that long-standing thought about whether you should adopt or not. Don’t think twice when considering Iris because we know with how gorgeous she is and her playful personality that she won’t last long. If you would like more information about how to meet and/or adopt Iris, you can head over to www.homewardboundanimals.org.