It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for a new pet to feature for our ‘Forever Home’ series. This week, we went to visit with Miche, the CEO/Founder of Queen City Cats. She introduced us to one of the most outgoing, playful, and loving cats we have ever met since starting this adoption series.

Julian is a very special cat with the ability to love with no bounds. Julian had a rough start in life as a feral cat and it was thought he would just rejoin the cat colony he grew up in after being neutered. However, Julian was anything but feral! Miche took him in and come to find out, he is a love bug!! Within the first few minutes of sitting on the floor to meet Julian, we were immediately met with head bumps and many signs of affection such as Julian rolling over and showing us his tummy.

Julian is known to get along with other animals in the house but it’s recommended that if Julian is paired with another cat, that the other cat be a bit more laid back so Julian can ease into his new setting with his new sibling. Julian is also known to get along with dogs and is very food motivated. He loves impressing his humans with food puzzles and playful personality. Julian is available for adoption right away. You can put in your application to adopt Julian by visiting the Queen City Cats website. Let’s find this deserving boy his ‘Forever Home’!