Since it’s a holiday week here on ‘Forever Home’ and many shelters are taking time off, we decided to give you all an update about a previously featured feline.

It was about two weeks ago now that we met Moo. Moo is a cat with cow-like markings and a big personality; a true Vermonter! He was getting overlooked at Homeward Bound in Middlebury, Vermont time and time again. Adopters would come in to meet Moo but then walk away with a different cat or different animal entirely. It broke our hearts so much and so we knew we needed to put Moo in a positive light to give him as much visibility as possible. With that being said, after Moo’s ‘Forever Home’ piece aired, he was scooped up by a new loving family. A family that I’m sure cannot wait to welcome a new feline companion into their home for the holiday season.

Another great success story stemming from our ‘Forever Home’ series. Next week, we’ll be getting back on track with another organization/shelter as we introduce you to a deserving pet worthy of a new ‘Forever Home’. Until then, we hope you and your furry friends have a wonderful and tasty Thanksgiving holiday.