In a special edition of this week’s ‘Forever Home’, we are featuring a personal story about a recent adoption by one of our very own, Meteorologist Alex Wasilenko. It all began back two weeks ago with the latest featured pets from Queen City Cats. The cuties we met on that visit included Rhett and Scarlett, and Pie.

Pie had an irresistible charm and calm presence about her. She showed lots of affection and a little bit of playfulness; a perfect balance for a 5 month old kitten. After meeting Pie, Alex could not get his mind off of how perfect of a companion she would be for his already, 8 year old, senior cat, Donna.

After meeting with Queen City Cats Foster Parent, Julia, the decision was made to adopt Pie and go through the process of giving her a new (spoiled) ‘Forever Home’ at the Wasilenko Homestead. Alex cannot stress enough how simple this adoption was and how supportive Queen City Cats is at getting you started in the right direction with your new, little lover. The pet perks when adopting through Queen City Cats help take some stress out of the whole process.

Pie has been renamed to Jan but maybe should be called Cat-hy because she is quite the chatty cat. Jan loves to chirp her way through the house as she explores and gets used to her new surroundings. Her playfulness has only expanded, too. She can jump super high to get her “prey”.

Jan has not yet met Donna but the first introduction will be happening soon. Meanwhile, Jan is perfectly happy taking cat naps with her cat dad in her sanctuary space until the official meeting.

If you would like more information about how you can adopt a cat from Queen City Cats or any other pets from our ‘Forever Home’ partners, simply visit our ‘Forever Home’ page.