It was a super special visit with Queen City Cats for this week’s ‘Forever Home’ story. We got to meet not one, not two, but three super cute and cuddly cats. Rhett, Scarlett and Pie are some of the sweetest kittens you’ll ever meet and they’re all ready to be part of your loving family.

Rhett and Scarlett are brother and sister. They balance each other really well and for that reason, it’s recommended that they be adopted together. It may take a little coaxing with treats and wet food to get these two adjusted to their new home but once they settle in, it will be nothing but fun. Rhett and Scarlett are just being introduced to play and are taking really well to their toys.

Pie is as sweet as the dessert with the same namesake. Pie is also a kitten who can be a little shy to start but it only took about five to ten minutes of meeting her to see how darn adorable she is. Pie was slow-blinking with us during our visit which is a sign of being comfortable around others. Pie was also the biggest cuddle bug out of the three!

Rhett, Scarlett and Pie all came from a severe cat hoarding situation but all of them are in extremely good health and are up to date on their vaccines. It was a horrific situation for these cats to be born into but it came with a benefit, believe it or not. These cats are well socialized because of their previous situation. This trait makes them even more ready for adoption. Speaking of which, you’ll want to put in your adoption applications quickly because these cuties won’t last long.

You can find more information about Rhett, Scarlett and Pie by visiting the Queen City Cats website. Lastly, you can also find more information about Queen City Cat’s upcoming fundraising event which is slated for this weekend at Queen City Brewery.