Our visit with Queen City Cats was a ball of fun this week. We got to meet, and want to introduce you to, Mohammad AND Ali. They are 6 to 7 year old brothers who were littermates. They have grown up together and so it’s recommended that they get adopted together.

Mohammad and Ali are like two peas in a pod in their current foster home. Mohammad is a little bigger, “chonkier” than Ali but they are both very playful and super food motivated. They are both so food motivated that they are on a feeding schedule. The schedule is something worth adopting as you bring these fellas into your home because it will help them maintain a healthy weight.

Mohammad and Ali will need a house with no dogs and no young children so they can be your only cuddle bugs. Mohammad wants nothing but love and really likes thinking he’s a lap dog, but he also is a big fan of his catnip toys. Ali will let you know with a couple meows when he has had enough love and would rather be entertained by looking out the window.

These two will make the perfect pair of cats as they are well socialized and have no health or dietary restrictions. You can find more information about these two boys and how to make them part of your ‘Forever Home’ by visiting the Queen City Cats website. Let’s get this boys in a deserving, loving home!