A Middlebury tradition returned on Saturday: Woofstock: Walk for the Animals, Homeward Bound’s largest fundraiser to raise money for the animals at the shelter. 

Saturday people took a one mile walk around Middlebury, with their canine companion to show support for the shelter. Including a 12-year-old dog named Tessa, she tore her ACL, but her owner said it was important she was there. 

“I think that dogs are dogs’ greatest gift to us, and what a beautiful thing to do for your dog and the community,” owner Janet Cornacchia said. 

Scott Boyle walks his two dogs with his neighbors, Monika and Jaylinn. 

“These are my neighbor girls and I started taking my dogs for walks every night and they wanted to join me, and it turned into a spectacular time,” Boyle said. 

The girls raised money on their own for Homeward Bound. Boyle said Woofstock is a great event for the community. 

“We wanted to be able to spread the goodness that Homeward Bound is spreading and helping those that sometimes are financially strapped,” Boyle said. “We have had a hard couple of years, and they have helped us out with the dogs we have with support for health care and so on.” 

Woofstock met their goal of raising $30,000 dollars for the shelter. Jessica Danyow is the Executive Director at Homeward bound and said this money is used in many ways.

“What it will go towards is caring for and rehabilitating the animals that are in the shelter, as of last night there were 115 in the shelter,” Danyow said. “We have 16 dogs, 89 cats and 10 rabbits, so all of those animals will receive necessary medical care.” 

Friday, they launched PetFIX, their affordable community wide spay neuter program for dogs and cats. 

“It’s open to anyone in Addison County and the town of Brandon, and we are excited to be able to help people with this and this critical surgery which is expensive,” Danyow said. 

For many the price is worth it when it comes to your pet. 

“Just love your dog, that is all they want to be loved, and cared for and they are the greatest thing in the world,” Cornacchia said.