The Sno-Cap Drive In in North Augusta. Some of the customers have been coming in for years 

“First time in here what year was it?” I asked.

“Probably 64-65 somewhere in there,” said Scott Foster. 

Fred Pollock’s been a regular for the past 35 years.

“Because I love the chicken strip basket”, he said. 

 But it’s the burgers and fries in this place that puts the feather in the Sno-Cap’s cap


Recently a foodie website said that in the entire state of South Carolina, the Sno-Cap is the total package when it comes to burger and fries places.

“Joint, it’s the best burger and fries joint, which I think is very interesting, it’s not saying we have the best burgers or the best fries, it’s the whole place,” said Rachael Franklin, the owner. 

So what you do you say to some burgers and fries at the snow cap with a side order of pop music icon Taylor Swift?

It would be crazy, I don’t know what I would say,” said 14-year-old Donavon Head. 

Well Taylor said thanks to the Sno-Cap, on this autographed pictured she signed when she stopped in 12 years ago.

She picked up her guitar and played a little concert, those front row seats would be more expensive today. 

“She sat at the end of the counter on a bar stool and played songs and did autographs afterwards,” said Rachael. 

Her autograph picture says she’ll be back.

“We haven’t heard from her yet. We’re kind of disappointed,” said Rachael. 

But the burgers and fries keep a lot of people coming back. But so far…not Taylor. 

“What’s better? Taylor Swift or the burgers?” I asked.

“The burgers,” said Scott. 

“Taylor Swift, said Donavon.

So Taylor, the joints still here. Are you ever going to get back together with the Sno Cap?

But never say never out there somewhere in North Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6